The Growing Role of Nurse Practitioners

The second week in November was dedicated as National Nurse Practitioners Week back in 2014 to honor those medical professionals with the experience to help guide us to the treatment we need when illness occurs. But many people don’t really know just how wide the scope of a NP can be, and what sort of things they are capable of.

Nurse Practitioners start off as nurses, and after gaining extensive experience in the medical field through that lens, go on to obtain a master’s, post-master’s, or doctoral level of education and national board certification. Although their training and educational process is different than that of an MD, they can provide diagnoses and prescribe pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment, in a wide variety of areas, including – but not limited to – acute care, family health, oncology, and pediatrics.

Through their experience of patient advocacy and monitoring their patients’ healthcare outcomes, Nurse Practitioners bring a unique perspective to the world of medical treatment. They blend clinical expertise in diagnosing and treating medical conditions with an extra focus on disease prevention and health management, and are often lauded for the holistic and heartfelt approach they provide. And it’s a career choice that has grown dramatically in recent years, adding a rich blend of experience and expertise and a personal touch to the medical field as a whole – something for which we can all be grateful.

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