Coffee With a Cop

Today is National Coffee with a Cop Day, which has been officially observed nationwide since 2016 and encourages events that bring the police and the community together. The aim of the events are to help break down barriers between the community and those on patrol, and create a valuable dialogue that both helps the police better understand the needs of the community, and helps the community engage with the police to better help in the protection of their neighborhoods.

One person who is no stranger to the concept of bringing the police and community together is retired Police Chief Danny Sharp. Danny served as Chief of Police in Oro Valley for the last 20 of his 40 year career in law enforcement, and has been recognized both regionally and nationally as a pioneer in the field of community policing.

“Community policing is critical for public safety,” says Danny. “We have to have open communication between the police and the public if we want to better understand expectations on both sides. The police can’t do it alone, and neither can the public. It has to be a partnership if we want to have success in maintaining a safe community.”

While many municipalities hold multiple events bringing police and the citizenry together throughout the year, the first Wednesday in October is the official date recognized nationally for the occasion. Find an event near you, and find out more about the issues surrounding the public safety of your neighborhood over a hot cup of Joe!

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