July 4, 2023 - Stories

On the Front Lines This 4th of July

Heroes are rising throughout our magnificent country, all sharing one quality – the commitment to improve their communities in any way they can. Those on the front lines, from essential workers to first responders to healthcare professionals are the ones who are in special need of recognition and appreciation.

This 4th of July, it’s likely that you, your family, and friends will be congregating at the backyard, or elsewhere celebrating the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence which officially proclaimed the Thirteen Colonies’ autonomy from Great Britain. We can also take the time to give recognition to all the EMTs, fire fighters, police officers, and medical personnel who have been relentlessly serving on the frontlines – preparing for any influx of emergencies as citizens celebrate with feasting, merrymaking, and even setting off fireworks in the night sky to express gratitude for our country’s freedom and independence.

As the Arizona Heroes Memorial moves towards its next construction phase, the necessary permits for the project have now been submitted to the Town of Oro Valley. Spencer Construction is leading the endeavor with over 900,000 pounds of concrete being demolished in March in preparation for the ground-clearing and excavation. One of the walls that will be built will pay homage to all the first responders and healthcare workers that are risking their lives for us.

Recently, a paramedic shared a recollection of her experience responding to a 911 call. When she arrived on the scene, she had to break the news to the family that they were not allowed to ride in the ambulance and had to adhere to the visitor restrictions at the hospital. In that split second, the dread that this may be their last goodbye overwhelmed the patient and family. Paramedics like her must attempt to lend comfort in the face of distress. They can provide empathy and humanity in a moment in which people are truly terrified. As we come upon this 4 th of July holiday, be safe and mindful of others and most of all. Take a moment to give thanks to those who you have the opportunity to share this special day with because we only have today.



Jim and Peggy Lengel, and Rick McKnight, are the proprietors of Canyons Crown Pub located on the eastside. After learning about the Memorial, they and their hard-working staff determined the Memorial to be the recipient of their golf tournament held in May. The one-day event yielded approximately $10K. “We are ecstatic to contribute to such an honorable cause,” states Jim. “Peg and I, along with our extraordinary team, were delighted to be able to put on the tournament. There were more than 100 golfers present, and the day was spectacular.” The Arizona Heroes Memorial wishes to extend our thanks to Jim, Peggy, Rick, Erin, our sponsors, and participants for aiding us to collect funds for the Memorial. 

Caption under picture to the left- Peggy & Jim Lengel

Caption under picture to the right. Heroes Golf Team-Maureen Enger, Lisa Hopper, Rhonda Fromm and Marilyn McCarthy




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